¡El Final!

Oh what a wonderful and bittersweet week it’s been. The students scrambled this week to spend as much time with their families as possible, going on road trips, getting together for parties, and dancing the days away. Classes ended this past Friday and final rehearsal for the final show got underway. The students finished memorizing their lines, their steps, and their harmonies to give their host families a goodbye that they would forever remember and cherish. The show signaled the rush to prepare and pack for our journeys. On Wednesday we found ourselves in Segovia, 3ish hours south of Oviedo and about 2ish hours from Madrid. The change in weather was drastic! No more green hazy mountains but hot deserts and blazing sun. Our visit to the Alcázar was has been by far my favorite visit. Armors lined the walls, intricately designed ceilings welcomed us in every room, and stories of old Kings who married their nieces kept us attentive at every turn. With full bellies in Madrid